Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Dance 2!

The Phillips Family came to visit!
Uncle Earnest, Aunt Annette, Kaylee,
Sadie, and Xavier. We have had a blast!

Uncle Earnest called for a Just Dance 2
competition. He tried his hardest to beat
Summer, but she killed him by a whopping
4 points. I don't think Earnest will ever
recover. His pride was hurt. :0)

Aunt Annette (Jason's sister) was a good sport, too.
She had fun dancing a few jigs with Kaylee.

Will, Christina, and Tanner came over for a BBQ.
Tanner came to show off his snake handling skills,

too. He is just like his mom...a lover of all things
in the Animal Kingdom. We had a fun evening!


Angela said...

I was watching a demo of "Just Dance 2" on QVC last night. It really looks fun! I have the one with the dance mat and is really hard and a bit annoying to get the mat out every time.

It looks like all of you had a good time!

Is that a real snake?

kandy said...

Looks like you had fun and hope they stayed to enjoy your beautiful area for a while.

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