Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Warrs Visit!

My Uncle Larry (my mom's brother) and Aunt
Kim came to visit this weekend. They moved to Texas
a while back and I rarely get to see them. We had
a great time eating, touring Sedona, and shopping.

Larry became Ty's best friend. Where we normally tell
Ty we will play with him later, Larry never said no.
From puzzles to rain sticks, he kept Ty very happy!

Kim is a master seamstress, so she came in very
handy for Sydney's Annie Oakley Bobblehead Project
for school. She made a leather fringed coat that
I would have worn (OK, maybe not). :0)

Annie Oakley turned out great and we enjoyed
every second of their visit. We can't wait
till we get to see them again!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sedona in Winter!

I love where I live. Sydney is taking a
photography class for school and we went
down our street to take some cool pics.
I love the contrast of the red rocks and
the white of the snow. We had a beautiful
rainbow that jutted out of this same rock today.
I hope Syd got a good shot of that, too.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Models? Crazy, right!!!

If you want info on the Hilton here in Sedona, they
will most likely send you their new mailer. Funniest
part is, that on the first page, you will find this:

Now, look closely:Who is that gorgeous family modeling for them?'s us!!! The best part was the free hot
chocolate and S'mores they fed us during the
shoot. As you can see, the photos were taken
at least a year and a half ago. We just assumed
they didn't think we were cute enough to use,
but to our surprise it came out this week!
What a fun memory and a glimpse into the
past that we can keep forever! Love it!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sydney's on YouTube again!

As you can see, I'm having issues with
the sound matching up with the video.
I'm no professional...obviously!!! :0)
She was so cute. She would get thrown
off by the audiences laughter. I guess we never
took that into account while she practiced. :0P
Way to go Syd! Listen for Ty singing along. He
kept grabbing my arm to look at her on the video
camera, too. Not the best camera work ever.
Oh, least Syd rocked!

I just wanted to show you, again, what she
received from Kristin Chenoweth last year.
How appropriate!!! Love it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sydney's Sweetspot Performance

It's official! I have the most talented
10 year old in the whole world!!!
Sydney had her Sedona Sweetspot
Performance last night and she rocked
the house. They oversold their 194 seats
and had people seated in the foyer to
accommodate. It was a huge success!

She sang Popular from Wicked and she
had the entire audience giggling along
with her little kicks and cute comments.

Her personal Makeup Artist to the Stars (Jen Rose)
came in from Las Vegas to give Sydney some
extra sparkle...not that she needed it. Thanks
Jen Rose. She also made Syd a 'Fearless' necklace
that Syd wore under her shirt so she would be
fearless on stage like Taylor Swift! :0)

Aunt Jenny came with Jen Rose and they
stayed at Will and Christina's. Syd had quite the
cheering section. Even her teacher Mrs. Goodman
and her Kindergarten teacher Ms. Gottschalk came
to show their support. We had a great time!

Grandma and Grandad stayed at our house and
they came all the way from Las Vegas to show their
support for their granddaughter. Grandad said
he got teary eyed when she was on stage! :0)

This is a picture after the show where we
bombarded her with the programs
for her to autograph afterward.
That's my little rock star!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Summer's Trip to Cali

Summer and her cousin Zane had their
12 year old trip to California to visit my
parents. They were spoiled rotten, which
comes as no surprise to anyone!!!

My question...why is Summer front
and center in this picture? Does she
think she's important or something? :0)
OK, this picture proves my daughters little
form of rebellion since she was away from
her nagging mother....nothing holding
her hair away from her beautiful face!
I cannot believe Grammy let that slip!
I was nagged about that growing up, too!

They hit the Newport Beach Temple, the beach,
the bowling alley, and AVATAR AGAIN! Summer
made Pops sit through it for his THIRD time.
What a nice Grandpa to sacrifice like that! :0)

They barely let her on the flight last night
due to the high winds. I'm glad my baby girl
made it home, even if it was a white knuckle flight.
No drink service even, since the flight was so
turbulent. Glad she's a brave one...
flying alone and all!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guitar Lessons

We dropped Summer off at the airport
on Friday after her spelling bee (where
she got out in the 1st round spelling
imagine with 2 m's). :0P Her Grammy and Pops
flew her down to Southern California for a 3 day
weekend of pure SPOILING! Her cousin Zane,
from Utah, flew out, too. Double trouble.
I'm sure they'll have great pictures that I can
steal and post soon. Here's what we've
been up to without her:
Sydney finally got Jason to sit down for
a second and give her the first official
guitar lesson. Syd is thrilled! Her big
performance is this Wed. and she is
singing Popular from Wicked in front
of 200 people here in Sedona! WooHoo!!!

No guitar needed there! :0)
We have been deciding on 'the perfect outfit'
and she is going to rock the house!

Ty joined the party with his little guitar
and gave up after about 3 minutes.
Truthfully, I think Jason and Syd
didn't even notice he was there
anyway! :0)

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Winter Wedding

Jason was a real saint this weekend and he
flew me (JUST ME) to Utah for a close friend
of the family's wedding. Matt Easton married
Rachel Bullough on Saturday in Salt Lake City.
The reception was beautiful, the weather was
chilly, and the company was superb!
Glad to be back home with the kids and
my husband. Now, Matt's brother Travis
is getting married next month and we are all
off to his wedding in Southern California. :0)
My younger sister Becky, my mom,
and me in the snowy mountains
above Salt Lake City.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm spoiled!!!

Oh, happy day! I got my mixer!!! Jason bought
me a new Kitchen Aid Mixer for Christmas, but
they didn't have it in red (which is my favorite).
I drove an hour to the store in hopes I could
exchange the black one for red....and I did!
Isn't it pretty! It looks great in my kitchen!

My mom and dad got Jason and me new bedding
for Christmas. We are thrilled with it. I love the
way it looks with our headboard and footboard
(which they also bought us a few years back).
What a difference new bedding makes!

Now, for the not-so-fun news. Syd now
has the flu that has been making the rounds.
Luckily, it has been a 24 hr. deal for everyone...
except my nephew Tanner who threw up on
stage in front of everyone at my moms 60th!
Shhh...let's not remind him of that....ever! :0)
Summer had it, Jason had it, and now Syd has
it. Let's hope I had it (I've taken naps for 2 days
now, which is so not like me). Ty is the only one left.
Keep your fingers crossed since I fly out of town
tomorrow and leave Jason in charge. They better
be healthy...mother's guilt would be too much
for me to handle. GET WELL, SYD!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We finally meet!

I cannot believe how adorable my new nephew
is! He is the BEST baby in the world and I
am officially in love all over again (this is
baby #5 for my older sister). Max
melted my heart....& I miss him already!
I get to fly to Salt Lake this weekend for
a wedding, which means I get to see Max
again! Yay! I cannot wait!
I love you, Max!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

60 looks good on her!

On the 29th, my sisters and I helped my
dad throw a huge 60th birthday bash for
my mom. All together, I think we had around
85 people come to honor this beautiful lady!
My dad rented out the Community Center (which
is brand new and totally gorgeous) and had it
catered. Thank goodness! My sisters and
I had a hard enough time planning decorations
from 3 different states (UT, AZ, & CA. :0)
The Southern California weather was
wonderful! We all wore black shirts and
jeans and had our pictures taken by
a local photographer at a park before
the party...just to add to our stress.
I love family! My moms brother Randy, my
Aunt Cheryl, & my moms baby sister Tammy were
all there to add to the fun. We are one wild
and crazy bunch...I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!
Our cake lady fell through at the last minute
so we improvised. Amy made a three layer
cake that was delicious. I got the easy job of
rolling out the fondant to make polka dots.
Cute, but not quite professional. Luckily,
the catering place provided pies for dessert
so people had options. :0) I will say,
Amy's cake was delicious!!!
My mom has amazing friends (Rae & Melody).
She is a real example to me. I regret not
living closer to her. As I type this on her computer
she is laying in her bed sick with the flu. :0( I'm
sad to leave today and drive back home to Arizona.
Even though my parents are in a new house, I
still consider this my home. I am one lucky girl!
I love you, Mom!!!