Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Summer's Trip to Cali

Summer and her cousin Zane had their
12 year old trip to California to visit my
parents. They were spoiled rotten, which
comes as no surprise to anyone!!!

My question...why is Summer front
and center in this picture? Does she
think she's important or something? :0)
OK, this picture proves my daughters little
form of rebellion since she was away from
her nagging mother....nothing holding
her hair away from her beautiful face!
I cannot believe Grammy let that slip!
I was nagged about that growing up, too!

They hit the Newport Beach Temple, the beach,
the bowling alley, and AVATAR AGAIN! Summer
made Pops sit through it for his THIRD time.
What a nice Grandpa to sacrifice like that! :0)

They barely let her on the flight last night
due to the high winds. I'm glad my baby girl
made it home, even if it was a white knuckle flight.
No drink service even, since the flight was so
turbulent. Glad she's a brave one...
flying alone and all!!!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Adorable pics...Summer seems like such a great kid! You're a lucky Mum...
Working on finishing your PIC tonight...I feel SO bad...sorry it's taken a MONTH and longer.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Of course I know star fish have to come from somewhere but did they really find that on the beach? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

haha the bumps were the best part!!!! Actually, Grammy did get mad about my hair... but she let it slip cause we were just going to the beach

jorgegr said...

SHe is so lucky to go spend time with them and brave for going on the plane all alone.

Jen said...

Oh, Summer!! I <3 you!!

Love, Sydney

The Sorensen Bunch said...

I would have DIED...I have turned into a flying WHIMP! after having a near death flight...she is my hero...what a cute idea gramma