Monday, January 11, 2010

A Winter Wedding

Jason was a real saint this weekend and he
flew me (JUST ME) to Utah for a close friend
of the family's wedding. Matt Easton married
Rachel Bullough on Saturday in Salt Lake City.
The reception was beautiful, the weather was
chilly, and the company was superb!
Glad to be back home with the kids and
my husband. Now, Matt's brother Travis
is getting married next month and we are all
off to his wedding in Southern California. :0)
My younger sister Becky, my mom,
and me in the snowy mountains
above Salt Lake City.


1LuvnMama said...

That couple is just gorgeous! Glad you had fun and especially spending time with your sis and mom! :)

kandy said...

So glad you could go. And glad you will come for Travis' - yeah, more Stewart time.

Kerry said...

ok I know you and something is irritating you in this pic! I think you are cold. Hope you had fun!