Saturday, January 2, 2010

60 looks good on her!

On the 29th, my sisters and I helped my
dad throw a huge 60th birthday bash for
my mom. All together, I think we had around
85 people come to honor this beautiful lady!
My dad rented out the Community Center (which
is brand new and totally gorgeous) and had it
catered. Thank goodness! My sisters and
I had a hard enough time planning decorations
from 3 different states (UT, AZ, & CA. :0)
The Southern California weather was
wonderful! We all wore black shirts and
jeans and had our pictures taken by
a local photographer at a park before
the party...just to add to our stress.
I love family! My moms brother Randy, my
Aunt Cheryl, & my moms baby sister Tammy were
all there to add to the fun. We are one wild
and crazy bunch...I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!
Our cake lady fell through at the last minute
so we improvised. Amy made a three layer
cake that was delicious. I got the easy job of
rolling out the fondant to make polka dots.
Cute, but not quite professional. Luckily,
the catering place provided pies for dessert
so people had options. :0) I will say,
Amy's cake was delicious!!!
My mom has amazing friends (Rae & Melody).
She is a real example to me. I regret not
living closer to her. As I type this on her computer
she is laying in her bed sick with the flu. :0( I'm
sad to leave today and drive back home to Arizona.
Even though my parents are in a new house, I
still consider this my home. I am one lucky girl!
I love you, Mom!!!


Joan said...

Wow! She does look amazing. Now you know you come from good stock and since you look a lot like her, 60 should not be scary to you.

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Your mom does look great. I'm glad you were able to plan a wonderful party for her.

Angie said...

Your mom is gorgeous...just like you...or should I say you're just like her! Also I think the cake turned out cute!

kandy said...

I didn't know the cake was second choice - it was darling and delicious. The whole party was amazing. I have such talented daughters who I love beyond what any words can describe. Thank you a million. It was wonderful! I miss you already!

Callie said...

i heard it was a great party that ended with a splash? someone threw up on someone? so funny! your mom is great! i think she's a great example to LOTS of people! by the way, how the heck did you spend 3000 on syd's teeth before was 3??? for reals! i would like to avoid that

Becky Macbeth said...

Wow! What a great daughter you are - planning, decorating, blogging! Way to go! We do have the best mom EVER!

jorgegr said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Jen said...

Grammy looks like she really enjoyed herself. I wonder why?!?