Monday, January 25, 2010

Models? Crazy, right!!!

If you want info on the Hilton here in Sedona, they
will most likely send you their new mailer. Funniest
part is, that on the first page, you will find this:

Now, look closely:Who is that gorgeous family modeling for them?'s us!!! The best part was the free hot
chocolate and S'mores they fed us during the
shoot. As you can see, the photos were taken
at least a year and a half ago. We just assumed
they didn't think we were cute enough to use,
but to our surprise it came out this week!
What a fun memory and a glimpse into the
past that we can keep forever! Love it!!!


Oklahoma Granny said...

Of course they'd use your beautiful family in their advertising. What a great memory for you all.

Anonymous said...

How fun is that! Did they just grab you for a pose? Thats so fun

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Aaahhh...that's too really looks SO genuine.
Did they give you a free night too?

Jen said...

More info: we were friends with one of the managers at the time and he requested our family. We got to eat a delicious dinner at their very fancy restaurant, too. My kids thought that was the best, since we normally go to fancy places ALONE! :0)

jorgegr said...

That's great!

Angela said...

You are famous!!!! I love that!

Jen Rose said...

How awesome! They would be crazy not to use your super cute family!

kandy said...

I need one of those brochures!!! How cute is that?

The Sorensen Bunch said...

oooh I have famous friends..!!! SO CUTE save it

Angie said...

You really are a gorgeous family!:o)

Callie said...

thats crazy! you are so famous now!

amy said...

I was wondering if we would ever see those photos.