Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day in Vegas!

We had a wonderful Christmas in Las Vegas.
We are always well pampered while staying
at Jason's parents house. We drove there
Christmas Day and everyone else arrived
the next day. It was a crowded house,
but the more the merrier!!!
Grandma always buys the kids matching PJs
and it makes for a fun photo. What cute kids!

Tate had a makeover session for Summer.
Makeup and curled hair...makes
for one beautiful girl!

Toys, toys, and more toys! Ty got an entire
marble village from Grandma and Grandad!
Grandad helped them build this tower and he
impressed all of us with his marble
playing skills! We had a great time!
Thanks, Stewarts!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

He came!!!

Santa made it! He pulled through once
again and has secured our kids spot as the
'Most Spoiled Kids on Earth' !

Syd got her guitar and the Taylor Swift
picks to go with it! She is thrilled!

Summer left the decision making to Santa this
year and she was pleasantly surprised. She got
a new snowboard, boots, bindings, and tons of
other goodies in her stocking. Nice job, Santa!

Summer made it possible for the Tooth Fairy
and Santa to come on the same night!
Crazy, late blooming 12 yr. old!

This picture doesn't even show Ty's loot, but
I had to show those cute toes peeking out from
underneath that chubby little bum. What an
adorable little guy. Unfortunately, Santa filled
Ty's request for MegaTron from Transformers.
I should have written Santa a letter explaining that
we don't want one of those, but Ty would have been
devastated. He also got 2 swords and a new Nerf
gun. Not bad. He's one happy kid!

Here he is showing off his skateboard ramp
from his dad. Notice that MegaTron is playing with
him? I fear the friendship they are already building!

Syd's biggie from us was a new ipod. She had no idea
and almost cried she was so excited. Summer got a
snowboarding jacket and pants as her big gift from
us. I scored an awesome new Kitchen Aid Mixer!
Jason, well, he got a back massager, a hoodie, and
some slippers. What can I say, sometimes it's not
fair when you are the breadwinner! :0)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve!

Ty is jumping for joy on our snow
covered trampoline! Santa is on his way!!!

The reindeer food is set out and ready!
With the help of our friend TJ, the kids
acted out the Manger Scene. So sweet!

Jacob, TJ, and Jeanna came over to
enjoy our honey baked ham Christmas
Eve Dinner. They were great company!

We hope you are all home, safe & sound.
Santa is on his way, after all!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Caroling!!!

To me, the best part of the Christmas
Season is spending time with family and friends.
Since my family insists on being 7 hours away,
my friends fill those HUGE voids for me!

We had our 2nd annual Christmas Caroling
party last night. We had a big group in our
little abode, but it was a blast!!!

Liz and her 3 adorable daughters came
prepared to sing and play games. We had
a $5 Gift Exchange this year and it was
a little too fun....and loud!!!

Kerry & Will are always so much fun. Jason
& Will disappeared for a while. They took
Amy's new car for a joy ride. Silly boys!

Laura & Chris are a wonderful new addition
here in Sedona. We are so lucky to have them in
our lives. They are the only other Mormons in
our group of Catholic friends. They do a great
job keeping up with them and their taunting! :0)

Amy is posing with her arm around Imaginary
Paul. Next year, I won't accept his silly excuses! :0)
Amy, Liz, and our friend Juli (who now lives in Texas)
came straight from a weekend in Phoenix. They were
exhausted and they still came and led the group
games and gift exchange. Thanks, guys!

I always try to give my friends a unique gift
every year. Last year, I gave the dentist wives
false teeth made out of soap. This year, I went
in a different direction and made them some
Monogram plates to put up in their kitchens.
I think they turned out beautifully
(I am so humble). :0)

We have the greatest neighbors! We all attacked
their front doors with our voices and were
received very well. From popcorn to
gingerbread men, we were well taken care of.

Thanks for another great Christmas,
my dear friends!
I love you all!!!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cookie Time!!!

The above picture acknowledges the
start of a tradition. That was a while ago...
Ty must be in a high chair somewhere.
Compare it to the picture below:
A few grades older, a few FEET taller
(for some), & just as sweet! We
love the Burkharts!

Kerry and I always talk more than we
decorate, but isn't that what it's
all about!?! We think so!

We find the throw-away tablecloth,
tons of frosting, and lots of helpers.

Henry and I compete every year for the
prettiest cookies and he always wins!

Frank, the model apparently, has the
'more frosting the better' motto. ;0)

Their older sister, Samantha, just tries
to get a little of her frosting on the cookie.
Her hands look beautiful with all the frosting
covering them like gloves. Glad the health
dept. doesn't visit our house on cookie
decorating night. We're all guilty!

Kerry is looking fantastic. She has been
on a great diet and she is making her friend
look a little too chunky. Not me....OK, me!

Ty went a little wild with the Red Hots!
I found this perfect cactus cookie
cutter, but we only made one of them.
Syd got the privilege of decorating it
and I think it was adorable. Don't tell
her, but I ate it this morning for breakfast.
Maybe that's why I'm so chunky.

Don't even get me started on Summer's health
code violations! Let's just say that none of us
were fighting over her cookies. She gets to eat
them all. She's cute, though!

Thanks, Burkhart's! It was awesome!!!

Holiday Swap

My blogging friend Angela over
at Pickels on Pizza hosted a blog swap
this Christmas. She drew our names and
assigned us partners. I was lucky enough
to have Joan buying for me! I love the
kitchen towel, the hot cocoa mug, and
the yummy cookies I received. What
a fun surprise waiting for me on my front
porch! Thanks Angela and Joan!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17th

He's mine, all mine!!!

OK, now that I got that out of the way,
let me wish that handsome man of mine
a 'Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary!'
Wasn't he gorgeous!?! Still is!
This was when he proposed. His dad was
counting to take our picture and Jason was looking
down. I reached over and smacked him on the
shoulder and said, "Look at the camera!" Just
then, he pulled the ring out of his pocket and
asked me the big question. Now, look at my hair
and my clothes....obviously I wasn't expecting this
or I would have given a little more effort. :0)
The picture shows Jason's excitement after I
said yes. Just for my daughters to know,
I am riding Drifter (before we had Tonto)
& daddy is on Tug (Summer's favorite horse).

The Las Vegas Temple is in the background and
we are at the Ranch House about 2 yrs.
before we moved into it.

Look at how young and skinny we were.
I love that ring and all it symbolizes.
More yet, I love that man!!!
Happy 15th Anniversary!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Her REAL birthday.

This naked, newborn picture of my
baby girl may appear a bit graphic for
some, but I love the umbilical cord,
those long, skinny legs, and her head full
of jet black hair! Flash forward 10 years...

& I bet you wouldn't believe that is the
same kid...other than the long, skinny legs!

We went to our birthday dinner go to, Javelina
Cantina. I think they need to move her up to
the grown up sombrero....she is 10 after all.

Now, if you know anything
about the way I was raised,
you will know that my dad was
adamantly opposed to ear piercing. I finally
caved at the age of 22 and got mine pierced....
the rebel that I am. My sisters, to this day,
still have untouched ears. Well, to my
dads dismay, Sydney made the leap today!

I must say, they suit her. I cannot wait to
pick out cute ones for her in 6 weeks!!!
Happy Birthday, Syd!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sydney!

Today (a day early) was Sydney's
big 1-0 birthday party! She decided
to make it a Taylor Swift party. We
sent out a copy of her CD along with
the invitations above to each girl.

We had Taylor Swift everything. Thanks
to my friend Jeanna, the girls even got
to make their own Taylor Swift Bottle Cap
Necklaces! Each girl came prepared to sing
one of her songs and they were amazing!!!

They sat in their assigned seats and they
made up their performance order all on their
own. Not one shy girl in the bunch!

We even busted out instruments.
What cute girls!!!

Happy 10th birthday to my
little performer. I love you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 stars shining brightly!

Our 2 stars that performed tonight!
Summer is taking Choir as an elective....
only because it is required if you want to
take drama. Our little actress had to sing in
the Christmas Concert tonight. Funny,
since she says she hates singing! :0)

Unfortunately, Ty's Christmas Concert
was at the exact same time on the opposite
side of town. I will carry Mother's Guilt to
the grave over having to miss Summer's
performance...since I'm sure it's her last
in the chorus realm. I'll see all of her plays!

Ty stole the show, as always! He wasn't scared
at all in front of everyone. His little friend Jesus
(whom Ty calls Pesus) had a little bit of a hard
time. It made it that much cuter. It is crazy seeing
my baby as the oldest in the pre-school world. I
cannot believe Kindergarten is just around the bend!
He really likes his teacher Ms. Becky.
We always think of Aunt Becky whenever
we say Ms. Becky...and that makes Ty giggle!

I'm proud of my family of singers,
since I lack that skill entirely!!!