Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cookie Time!!!

The above picture acknowledges the
start of a tradition. That was a while ago...
Ty must be in a high chair somewhere.
Compare it to the picture below:
A few grades older, a few FEET taller
(for some), & just as sweet! We
love the Burkharts!

Kerry and I always talk more than we
decorate, but isn't that what it's
all about!?! We think so!

We find the throw-away tablecloth,
tons of frosting, and lots of helpers.

Henry and I compete every year for the
prettiest cookies and he always wins!

Frank, the model apparently, has the
'more frosting the better' motto. ;0)

Their older sister, Samantha, just tries
to get a little of her frosting on the cookie.
Her hands look beautiful with all the frosting
covering them like gloves. Glad the health
dept. doesn't visit our house on cookie
decorating night. We're all guilty!

Kerry is looking fantastic. She has been
on a great diet and she is making her friend
look a little too chunky. Not me....OK, me!

Ty went a little wild with the Red Hots!
I found this perfect cactus cookie
cutter, but we only made one of them.
Syd got the privilege of decorating it
and I think it was adorable. Don't tell
her, but I ate it this morning for breakfast.
Maybe that's why I'm so chunky.

Don't even get me started on Summer's health
code violations! Let's just say that none of us
were fighting over her cookies. She gets to eat
them all. She's cute, though!

Thanks, Burkhart's! It was awesome!!!


Joan said...

How fun! The girls always decorate a few cookies each year. Santa MUST have decorated sugar cookies!

I love the cactus cookie. =)

The Fosters said...

MMMM...did you save one for me? I LOVE Christmas cookies!

jorgegr said...

I want some of your yummy cookies, maybe not Summer's though.

amy said...

We did our cookies yesterday! You looked much more in control than our gang - but it's always fun!