Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Her REAL birthday.

This naked, newborn picture of my
baby girl may appear a bit graphic for
some, but I love the umbilical cord,
those long, skinny legs, and her head full
of jet black hair! Flash forward 10 years...

& I bet you wouldn't believe that is the
same kid...other than the long, skinny legs!

We went to our birthday dinner go to, Javelina
Cantina. I think they need to move her up to
the grown up sombrero....she is 10 after all.

Now, if you know anything
about the way I was raised,
you will know that my dad was
adamantly opposed to ear piercing. I finally
caved at the age of 22 and got mine pierced....
the rebel that I am. My sisters, to this day,
still have untouched ears. Well, to my
dads dismay, Sydney made the leap today!

I must say, they suit her. I cannot wait to
pick out cute ones for her in 6 weeks!!!
Happy Birthday, Syd!


The Fosters said...

Wow, you now have holes in your head Syd! I was 33 when I got mine! What a great birthday you had! Congrats on double digits.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Sydney! I bet Santa will just have to fill her stocking full of earrings this year.

Oklahoma Granny said...

That brings back such memories. My daughter was 10 when she got her ears pierced. I hope Sydney had a wonderful birthday. It sure looks like she did!

jorgegr said...

I like her earrings. Jenna got her ears pierced when she turned 8.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

oooh pierced ears!!!! She must feel EXTRA super cool knowing how her mom was raised! Happy birthday...2 more years and then you are OURS!!!

amy said...

I can't believe you caved Jen! They do look like a Sydney accessory - you are so cute!