Friday, December 25, 2009

He came!!!

Santa made it! He pulled through once
again and has secured our kids spot as the
'Most Spoiled Kids on Earth' !

Syd got her guitar and the Taylor Swift
picks to go with it! She is thrilled!

Summer left the decision making to Santa this
year and she was pleasantly surprised. She got
a new snowboard, boots, bindings, and tons of
other goodies in her stocking. Nice job, Santa!

Summer made it possible for the Tooth Fairy
and Santa to come on the same night!
Crazy, late blooming 12 yr. old!

This picture doesn't even show Ty's loot, but
I had to show those cute toes peeking out from
underneath that chubby little bum. What an
adorable little guy. Unfortunately, Santa filled
Ty's request for MegaTron from Transformers.
I should have written Santa a letter explaining that
we don't want one of those, but Ty would have been
devastated. He also got 2 swords and a new Nerf
gun. Not bad. He's one happy kid!

Here he is showing off his skateboard ramp
from his dad. Notice that MegaTron is playing with
him? I fear the friendship they are already building!

Syd's biggie from us was a new ipod. She had no idea
and almost cried she was so excited. Summer got a
snowboarding jacket and pants as her big gift from
us. I scored an awesome new Kitchen Aid Mixer!
Jason, well, he got a back massager, a hoodie, and
some slippers. What can I say, sometimes it's not
fair when you are the breadwinner! :0)


Joan said...

Oooooh! Good loot!

Santa made it through the ice here. I love my kitchen-aid mixer so much that Santa brought me the matching food processor this year. Yay!

Have a great day!

The Fosters said...

Wow, Santa must really like you guys! He really spoiled you! Can't wait to see you in a few days.

jorgegr said...

Wow sounds like Santa spoiled your kids-ours were pretty spoiled too. we were happy that Santa did not bring Jake the real lizard he asked for.