Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Finally a graduation party!

Since we had to push off Summer's graduation party, the Banks Family was able to make it out from Arizona to surprise her! They helped me pull off a fabulous party, along with my mom and Becky. 
So many people came to congratulate Sum. Of course Haley was there!
Libby is a big Summer fan. 
Jasmine is such a sweetie. I love that they have such a great bond. Goose would be thrilled to see these two together. 
Silly sisters. 
A fabulous Aunt and Uncle. 
Linda and Glen Prine, who happen to be my second set of parents from my much younger years. Love them!!!
Her amazing Grammy and Pops (who worked so hard to make this a success). 
We got to spend time at the beach with the Banks', too. 
Of course we finished it off with Thrifty's!

I'm sad I didn't take pics of the food table and all the outdoor seating at the party. It looked beautiful. Happy Graduation, Summer!!!

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