Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Amy's birthday bonfire

Sept 24, 2015 marked Amy's 44th birthday. We decided it was a great day to celebrate her. 
Becky and I started the day off by donating blood in her honor. 
Then we were off. Straight to the beach for her party! 
The open invitation went out on Facebook and Instagram. 
We had some giant photos that hung from the EZ Up at the beach. 

My mom had 44 balloons in Amy's favorite colors. 
At sunset, we sang happy birthday and released them. It was beautiful! 
It was a great night, spent together with so many friends and loved ones. 
Allison Ray and Pat Nelson were there. I'm so grateful for amazing friends. 
The Foster gang. Just missing the Openshaw boys, Summer, and Brad (he pulled up right after we took this). 
Christina DeFelice was Amy's best friend in high school. 
My mom with her amazing friends!
My dad and Lee Rasmussen 
Jon Hendrickson and Mark Hellewell
Aunt Tammy and Uncle Eric...they're always here for us!  So supportive and wonderful!!!
The men enjoyed the bonfire and all its yumminess! 
Meanwhile...in Provo, Max and all of Amy's friends spent some time showing her some love at the cemetery. 
We miss her dearly, but we choose to celebrate the time we had with her rather than dwelling on the loss. Happy 44th birthday, Amy!  Love you!

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