Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TEAM Foster

Grammy and Pops Camp is always a favorite!  This year, the theme was Team Foster. 

The boys flew in to Long Beach Airport and we got to go pick them up. Zane travels in style. 
We headed straight to the OC Fair and met up with Becky's gang. 
When we all arrived at my parents house, they had bad news. They had a slab leak and they had to move out. The kids were thrilled!  They got to stay at hotels all week. Not too shabby!
My mom handled it like a champ. We still stuck to our schedule, for the most part. 
The men golfed. 
We had to eat out every meal. 
We went on trolley adventures. 
We are always quite the group!
We constantly wore Max out. This was on the trolley. 
Tanner day we spent at the best animal shop ever!  Prehistoric pets. 
People assumed Summer worked there and she was helping people with the snakes. ;)
We finished that night off with a beach bonfire...along with the rest of the world. 
Quality time, that's for sure!
I love these cousins and the bond they share. 
This little man and I have so much fun together. I adore Max!
We spent a day at Zoomars. 
Never a dull moment. 
Many beach days. 
Max had a really bad limp when they cut off his cast. I love this picture of Zane and Syd helping him in the water. So sweet. 
Of course we had plenty of Thrifty's!!!
Grammy even had an 'Unbirthday Party' complete with a bounce house and slip-n-slide. 
I think they enjoyed it. 
I love that we have so many beach bums and water babies!
Yet again, we wore Max out. 
Even Grammy enjoyed the bounce house. 
Max loves Summer's cat, Zeedo. 
The trip back to the airport after the busy week. Yep, he earned those shut eyes. 
Those are some real smiles. I sure do love those kids!!!

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