Friday, September 25, 2015

Court of Honor and YW Recognition

Tanner Eli Openshaw had earned his Eagle at the age of 15. His Court of Honor was scheduled for July when we were all returning home from our Idaho reunion. They ended up doing one in proxy and also honoring Ellie a couple days before the funeral. 
Ellie received her Young Womanhood Recognition from the ward. Even though she never had a chance to complete it, she was already working hard and excited about it. 
Both Grandmas got a necklace and plaque, as well as Zane on behalf of Ellie. Savannah (Ellie's best friend) spoke and shared some wonderful Ellie memories.  It was quite beautiful!
Then Max and the grandpas joined them on the stand to receive Tanner's Eagle. I was proud of all of us. We had dry eyes until they had all the Eagle Scouts in the room stand. They raised their arms to the square and received it in proxy for Tanner. I was so proud to have my husband and brother-in-law surrounding me and doing such an honor for Tanner. That's when the tears really started flowing. 
They got their pins and a beautiful plaque for Porter, Zane, and Max to keep in honor of Tanner. 
It was a beautiful moment. 
One that we will always remember. 
My parents stood very tall that evening. 
There was a beautiful display at the back of the cultural hall to honor Amy, Mark, Tanner, and Ellie. It was also displayed at the funeral and luncheon. 
Tarea and Willie worked tirelessly on it and we are forever grateful for them!  Family is everything!!!

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Jannica Larson said...

I wish that I could have been there for this ceremony as well. I appreciate this so much.