Friday, September 25, 2015

Gathering together

This photo of Porter was date stamped 4 days after the accident. A couple serving in his mission forwarded it to the family. I cannot tell you how much that smile meant to us at the time we received it. That 18 year old boy quickly became a man. We are so proud of him and the strength he has shown his brothers. 
We spent most evenings at Steve and Kalleen Lund's house having dinner. They were so gracious to always include us. 
The Kaufusi's came over a few times, especially Michelle. She was one of Amy's best friends. We agreed that Corbin and Bronson would be Summer's personal bodyguards at BYU. Corbin is almost double Summer's height. :)
My best friend from childhood, Pam Prine Lacher, came to the funeral with her parents. She runs a home organizing business and I knew she would appreciate 'Amy's Store' in her basement. Amy was always so prepared and organized. Always the example. 

It was amazing how many friends came all the way from California for the funeral. So many people sacrificed so much to be there for our family. We are forever grateful. 

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