Friday, September 25, 2015

Arriving in Provo

The accident happened on a Tuesday, but Summer graduated the following Friday. My family headed up to meet Max at the airport on Wednesday when he was flown in from Missouri. Zane arrived late that same evening from Germany. We left late Friday night and stayed the night in Vegas. Gary, Marie, and Aunt Jenny joined us for a 'Graduation Breakfast' Saturday morning at Sam's Town before we hit the road to Provo. 
It was a nice visit with our loved ones who offered us so much love and support during such a difficult time. 
When we arrived in Provo, instant chills filled my body as I saw American Flags lining the streets and adorning the Openshaws entire yard. They were truly the most patriotic people on the planet and the love of their community was evident. 
We were so happy to see little Max finally and wrap him in our arms (carefully). He had a shattered leg, arm, ribs, and a stitched up mouth. That kid never once complained of the pain!
We were the first ones to sign his cast. 
I love this picture that shows their street with the large flags!
Jessie (Porter's girlfriend) brought by same delicious treats she had baked. It was fun to meet her. The girls went to lunch with her a few days later. They strongly approve. ;)
For 3 1/2 weeks, this was the scene. Max and Ty were joined at the hip. Never would you find them apart. Max always insisted Ty pushed his wheelchair, sat by him, and hang out with him. It was sweet, but it took its toll in Libby and Lexi. Max didn't quite have the patience he should have with them. Luckily, over time that has improved. We were just glad to be together, in Amy's lovely home, surrounded by the ones we love!

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