Friday, March 6, 2015

Surfin' in February

While everyone else is ankle deep in snow, we have been ankle deep in sand. This was back in February...I'm a little behind on blogging. 😳
Wetsuits (that Ty swears he didn't even need), surfboards, and friends. 
Lindsay is going to India with Summer this summer to do humanitarian work. They're adorable friends!
Tristan is a permanent fixture around our house now. The joke is that he's my favorite child. 
What's better after an afternoon surfing?  Napping in a big heap on the surfboard. 
When we got home, Summer got a fun surprise. Caden (a boy from Ladera) invited her to Mormal. She finally got a dress and we are excited for it next weekend. 

It's so fun having teenagers!!!

Summer's in the middle of fundraising for India. Here's her site if you'd like to learn more and/or donate:

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