Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Santa Barbara

Last Saturday, we got a brand new car. A zippy Mazda 6. What's the best way to break in a new car??? A road trip!!!
We couldn't leave until Jason got off work, so with traffic we didn't get to Santa Barbara until 9:30pm. Once we checked in, the boys insisted on watching a couple episodes of Psych on the iPad to prepare for their Psych tour of Santa Barbara the next day. 
First thing in the morning, we headed over to the Santa Barbara Police Department. Ty pulled the Shawn Spencer pose while Jason was Lassie. If you haven't seen the show, these boys will convince you to watch it. Jason swears it's funnier than Seinfeld...and cleaner. 👍
The real show was filmed in Canada, even though they said it was Santa Barbara. Luckily we knew that going in, so the boys weren't totally disappointed. 
Ok, the psych tour wasn't why we went to Santa Barbara. 😜 Sydney had her first lacrosse tournament. Her club team is Aliso Attack...it's really just her high school team, but it was a club tournament, so her coach got creative. 
We got to watch her play 3 games on Sarurday. The weather was PERFECT!  She played great, even though her team got killed in all 3 games we saw. 
In between games, we tried to squeeze in as much site seeing as possible. The pier was a must for me. There was an awesome skate park at the entrance to the pier, so the boys were thrilled, too. 
It was Valentines Day, so we took some time to pose for some pictures. The pelican was jealous, I do believe. 
Maybe she thought Ty was her Valentine. 
It was a great mini-vacation with just the 3 of us. We never got to hang out with Syd. She had a blast and ended up sitting on the sidelines for their Sunday games...what a good girl. We were glad to get her back home Sunday night. 
We will be going back!  I'm sold on Santa Barbara. 

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