Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ty's 10th birthday party

Ty decided he wanted a beach bonfire as his party of choice to celebrate his double digits.
 Ruslan, Elijah, Owen, and Logan (who came a little later) joined us for some sandy fun.
 It was Brock's first ever beach bonfire.  "Peace out!"
 Haley and Summer giggles like schoolgirls wrapped up in towels.  I had reserved the pit with 3 chairs and a table.  When we arrived, they were nowhere to be seen.  Goodbye table and chairs.
 The boys had a blast with the lacrosse sticks Ty gave them and we set up some cones and they played soccer.  Does life get any better than that for a 10 year old and his friends?  I think not!
 Becky and Lexi looking beautiful at sunset.
 Ty got a light-up kindama from Aunt Becky and Uncle Brad.  Those things are all the rage.  YoYo's are coming back, too.  Crazy fads.
 Jason and Tristan were our fire starters.  It was a bit slow going, but we got it roaring and roasted our hotdogs and made some yummy s'mores to go with our cupcakes.  VERY nutritious meal!  ;)
 Summer even snapped a shot to prove I was there.  Yay, me.
Sydney never goes anywhere without her lacrosse stick.  Tristan even invested in one so they can toss back and forth. 
Silly Summer and Tristan. 

Such a fun party!!! Happy 10th, Ty!  Love you, dude!

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kandy said...

Glad we got to come to Ty's birthday party!