Sunday, November 30, 2014

Disney Passes!!!

Christmas arrived early for us. My parents decided to give the kids and me Disneyland Passes for Christmas this year. 
Since Summer will be off to college next fall, they wanted us to get them now so she'll get her pennies worth!
Oh, darn!  ;)
The kids are almost as thrilled as I am. 
When we bought the tickets, they even gave my mom a Saturday pass for her to use (normally pass holders can't go in Saturday's). We loved having our personal photographer and tour guide. 
I was worried that because it was a Sarurday, we would have horrible lines. Not at all. We arrived when the park opened and the worst wait we had was last night when we waited an hour for the new cars ride at CA Adventure. 
The girls had a stake dance last night, so my dad came and picked them up with my mom at 5:30. 
Jason, Ty, and I were left alone to do whatever we wanted. ;)
Our biggest 'score' of the week was that Jodie (my cousin who lives in Washington State) was here visiting. Her husband works for Disney and they gave Jason a free park hopper. My parents were gonna pay for Jason, but they saved them $150!!!  Thanks, Jodie and George! It was fun seeing them for a little bit, too. 
These two boys were adorable together!  It was a race to see how many rides we could do. The scarier, the better!!!
I loved seeing all the Christmas decor around the parks. Disney does Christmas right!!! 
We loved having Jason along for the ride. We can't wait for a years worth of Disney memories and fun!!!


Rachael said...

Yay!!! I would love to have Disney passes! How fun!

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

I admit. I am so jealous

Kelly said...

how fun that you and Jodie got to see each other

kandy said...

So excited to enjoy lots of time together at the Happiest Place on Earth!