Friday, December 19, 2014

My baby girl is 15!!!

Syd's 15th birthday started with a bang. I came to seminary to surprise her with some Starbuck's peppermint hot chocolate, but she had already received fun birthday gifts by 6:30am! She got a giant S shaped chocolate chip cookie and a Butterfinger from a friend and her teacher. 
That evening, we had everyone over for dinner. Syd picked a recipe she found off of Pinterest and it was delicious. Alfredo Chicken Stuffed Shells. I'll for sure make it again. 
We then travelled over to Baskin Robbins to see Summer at her new job. We all enjoyed a birthday treat while making Summer perfect her craft. 😉
Summer and Sydney's friend Tristan joined us for the whole day. Ty was in heaven!  Having another boy around made his day. 
We even got to take a quick pic with Summer before we left for Dana Point Harbor. 
The harbor started a new tradition. It's called AlluminOcean and there are beautiful lights everywhere. Sydney was thrilled to pack her longboard and her, Tristan, and Ty were never seen again. 
It made for a romantic stroll for the adults in the group. 
Happy birthday, Syd. Glad we got to spend it with you. We love you!!!

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kandy said...

Love that birthday girl!!! Can't believe she is 15!!!