Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One Republic!!!

If our family had a 'band', One Republic would be it!  Jason started calling it our 'traveling music' years ago, and it stuck. Every road trip (and with me they are often) must include some One Republic. Especially their Dreaming Out Loud Album. 
As a bonus, we happen to LOVE the two bands that opened for them. The Script and American Authors. 
We started off with a picnic outside the gates....which we packed for INSIDE the venue. Don't get me started on the 3 times Jason had to hike back to the car because they wouldn't let us take stuff in. Normally they allow low chairs, food, drinks, and blankets. Not last night. :( 
Once in, we were all smiles. It was the first concert for these two. Ty has always said they are his favorite band, so he was thrilled!
Groupon made this concert possible for us on our tight budget. Up on the lawn, they offered $20 tickets. $100 for the whole family?  Yes, please!!!  We may have been far away, but with the screens, we didn't miss a thing. 
It was so much fun standing there with my teenage girls. They knew EVERY word to every song and it was awesome seeing them shout along with the bands. 
It made for a VERY late school night. We didn't get home until 12:30 and we live 5 minutes from the venue. 
Sad to end with this red eye fail of a picture, but it was a fun shot I didn't want to leave out. What a great treat for the entire family. You can bet we will go and see them again. They put on an awesome show. I think we old folks (Jason and I) knew the songs just as well as the teenagers. We were cool...for a few hours anyway. ;)


Kelly said...

lawn seats are my favorite....venues here are much closer...but had a great time.
...and I like the American Authors

Jodie said...

Fun times, great bands!

kandy said...

Fun night for the Stewarts! You deserve it!