Thursday, June 19, 2014

Zoo, Butterflies, Binoculars!

This is my last full week with Libby and Lexi. We decided to go big!!!
We used my moms season pass to the Santa Ana Zoo (a first for me). 
Bald Eagles, Lemurs (can you see King Julian???), anteaters, camels...all sorts of fun creatures. 
Ty's old stroller sure does come in handy. 
Grammy even had a punch card for rides on the carousel and train. Are we spoiled, or what!?!
Libby insisted on the nest. I thought she'd be bored, but she had it spinning pretty fast the whole time. 
Of course, this was our favorite...a Pops Pig Wall!!!
These are the cutest chicks to have hatched in the history of the world...besides my own, of course. ;)
We loved the zoo!
Today, we decided to get back into the car and drive over to a butterfly park in Irvine. They were doing construction around it, so we only saw two butterflies. That didn't matter to these girls. There were BLACKBERRY bushes everywhere. These girls love berries!!!
It was a .8 mile hike and they were such good sports!
We made multiple berry picking stops. 
Lexi preferred the red (not quite ripe) ones. Libby spit those out. Silly Lexi!
There were tree canopies everywhere. It was a little tree fort paradise for them. 
We checked out some binoculars at the info station and Libby found our butterfly. 
Lexi was busy looking at the dirt. ;)

I'll miss my time watching these cuties. They kept me young!  :)


Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Fun time. Now to see all the stuff you do with your family. We hope to see you soon when we come to CA next month

Becky Macbeth said...

Wow! I am the luckiest sister/mom ever! I am so glad my girls get to do such fun things with you. Thanks for making this a year they'll never forget. You're the best! Love you!

kandy said...

Those are the luckiest kids ever. You are amazing! Enjoy your time off!