Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another perfect day!

 Thanks to Britt, Mike, and their daughter Reagan getting sealed for time and all eternity, we got to spend last evening in the Newport Beach Temple, and today in the Los Angeles Temple. 
 Isn't Reagan the cutest thing ever!?!  How I adore that girl!!!
 Pure joy and 100% real smiles!
I'm so happy for this adorable...growing family!  :)

My parents were married at this very temple on September 27, 1969. 
This is the very tree they posed in front of that day. I'll have to have my mom post a side by side of this and the original. Think they've changed much?
I was going through my pictures lately and noticed I didn't have any good shots of them alone. Well, I'm bossy, so I got my shots. :)
I hope to be like her someday!
He's not too shabby, either. I'm one VERY lucky girl. 
What a marvelous day!


Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Nice day & nice pictures

Jodie said...

Great pictures!

Kelly said...

wow...that is a great commitment for the family.

kandy said...

Thanks for the pictures...please remove my wrinkles next time!!!