Saturday, May 10, 2014

Syd's sport!

 Ok, I get to brag about this daughter now!
Sydney has waited for too long to be on a 
volleyball court again.  My camera is just
grateful that the courts here are outside.
It makes for much clearer pictures.
 Sydney may not be grateful, though.
HaHa.  Sorry Syd, but I think the pics are awesome!
 She has the most beautiful serves.  She
has really improved.  It is so much fun to 
watch her.  It's almost like a ballet.
 Those long arms!
Those long legs! 
 Those facial expressions!
 This one's my favorite!!!
 What makes me the most happy is....this!!!
Do you see who is in her cheering section?!?
It makes me so happy that they can 
now be a part of our sports life.  
I've longed for this for what feels like
forever.  So glad to have Grammy 
and Pops here!

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kandy said...

And so glad we can be at those games. Sorry we missed Summers!!