Friday, May 9, 2014

'old school'

Ty's 3rd grade class took a step back in time today. They became students in a 1907 one-room schoolhouse. 
They started with a costume change and then they picked their desk and slate board. 
Each kid was given the name of a student (Ty's name was Perry Ballard). They each stood up for roll call and shared what their 'papa' did for a living and what they spent their Saturday doing. 
They were handed out books during reading time and Ty was called to the front of the class to read aloud. 
Recess was a hit!  They really got into it and loved the role-playing. 
The other half of the day was spent learning about the local Indian tribe from here. 
We got to be hunters and gatherers, see how they lived,
and experience their culture. 
Elijah, Ty, and Ruslan
Ty had a great time with his silly friends. 
Alex, Ruslan, Ty, Elijah, and Francisco
I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. I love my Friday's and the time I get to spend with him. 

*Notice the orange shirts?  A dad at our school bought Anaheim Duck shirts for EVERY student and teacher at our school. They are encouraged to wear them on Fridays to support the team. Pretty sweet! 


Jodie said...

THat looks pretty neat!

kandy said...

What a fun experience. Field trips are the best!