Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day came early.

Since I described the craziness that is my 17 yr old daughter's life in my last post, I only hope you catch a small token of what I am about to say. For today, Mother's Day came a bit early. 

I would rate the excitement of a swim meet right up there with that of a track meet, or a trip to the doctor. Not that enjoyable. Sure, those few seconds your child is racing is a thrill, but the hours in between races can be brutal. I had my spot on the top tier of the bleachers to appreciate the back rest. I had set up camp and was in for the long hall. Summer had already swam two amazing races (anchored a relay to win 2nd place, and PR'd in 200IM). Now, it was a waiting game. To my astonishment, she made her way up the bleachers and sat down next to me. <can you hear the angels sing?>
For an entire half hour, my daughter gave me her undivided attention. No cell phone, no friends, no schoolwork...just Summer!  It was a dream come true. We giggled, shared my some stories, but most importantly, we shared a moment. Just a moment, but in this crazy, hectic life, sometimes all we need is a moment. 

Sure, it's great that she qualified for 4 swims in this final meet. I doubt that's what I'll remember about today. All I know is, I had the undivided attention of one of my best friends. I will treasure it forever. Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

Now, back to reality. She has her first AP test tomorrow morning at 7:15. It just got real. My babies leaving the nest soon and I refuse to accept it!!!


Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

ahh, you made me cry

kandy said...

Brought tears to my eyes too!!!