Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wrapping up swim season

Summer has worked her butt off in swim again this year.  There was a HUGE difference coming to Southern California from Montana.  Her club team in Montana was serious business, where her high school team there was somewhat of a joke.  Here, high school is far worse than her club team in Montana.
For starters, all JV and Varsity girls have to do 6:30am swim practice, as well as another 2 hours after school.  Since Summer goes to seminary before school, our alarms buzzed annoyingly at 4:40am!  I complained, but to be honest, I groggily made my way downstairs to the kitchen to make her breakfast and pack her lunch...then I crawled back in bed for 2 more hours.  Not Sum.  She NEVER complains, and she never gets to crawl back in bed.  The only plus for her:  All the parents sign up to provide a breakfast to our swimmers every morning after their big workout.  She LOVED it!  It always varied...from breakfast burritos to Costco muffins.  Almost every morning they got chocolate milk (a must have for swimmers).  Summer even asked Aunt Becky for Chocolate Milk as her birthday present.  Weirdo!!! The started tapering this last week, so no more AM practice.  YAY!!!  We are both enjoying an extra hour of sleep.
 All that hard work has been paying off.  Today was her first day at the League Meet.  Thursday will mark her final meet of the season.  Her form is amazing!
 Her coaches make her swim the 200 IM since she has such success in all 4 strokes.  She hates it!  Butterfly is her least favorite, and her slowest stroke.  It is really fun to watch her.  She loses some time against her opponents on that first stroke, but then she kicks it in on the other three!
 Her coaches always want her to do backstroke.  She is beautiful!  Honestly, she makes it look so easy. She only got to compete in 2 events at this meet, so she chose 200 IM (I should say the coaches chose) and breaststroke.
 I have really enjoyed watching her take on this new sport.  She is such an example to me.  Determined, focused, and she gives it her whole heart.  Quite impressive!
I'm excited to see what Thursday brings, since she has PR'd in every meet this season.  Way to go, Summer!!!


Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

Swimming is in the family genes, Kelly, Sally & Nathan all competed.

Jodie said...

That's awesome!!

kandy said...

What awesome pictures of an awesome girl!