Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sea Lion heaven!

 Ty's class is doing a 'Kid's Guide to Orange County.'  Each kid is given a location to visit and they have to do a one page write up on it and whether or not they would recommend it to their classmates.  We laughed when we got Ty's assignment.  He got the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.  It is the sea lion rescue place less than 10 minutes from our house that we go to all the time.  :)
 Lexi and I picked up Libby from preschool and they had a picnic in the car while we headed over to Ty's school to pick him up early.  It was 90* today and by the time we arrived, 
the workers were starting to water the flowers.
 Libby and Lexi have been my big helpers with our garden we just planted in our back yard.  The head docent there noticed their eagerness and offered for them to help her.  They were thrilled!  They were helpful...until Libby turned the hose on the docent (who happened to be wearing a WHITE skirt).  
 Less then 2 minutes after we made her skirt very see-through, Channel 7 News arrived to get some video coverage of the center.  She laughed it off and said, "It's all about the mammals.  They didn't need to get me on camera anyway."  
Glad she found humor in it.  :)
 Since we were so 'helpful' in their garden, they opened up both viewing areas just for us.  I handed Ty my camera and he took some awesome shots of the sea lions.
 When we were there in January, they only had 2 rescues.  
Today they had 102!!!
What a great adventure for us today.  I love that it is so close and we can make it a go-to destination anytime we'd like.  I'm hoping the girls can volunteer there this summer.  Thanks for the fun day, Ty!

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kandy said...

What fun you have while I am at work!