Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Max :(

Our little nephew Max had a very traumatic experience the Saturday we were in Arizona. He got his arm and hand stuck in their airplane hangar door. His hand was mangled and his arm broke in 3 places. 
The ambulance took him to the Provo hospital, where they said it was too much for them to handle. He was then life flighted to Children Hospital in SLC. 
Those smiles are pretty pushed. Poor guy was there for 6 days!!!
Multiple surgeries, lots of pain meds, and possibly a lost pinky finger. 
He's been such a trouper. 
His Primary even sent along all these cards of well wishes. He got released from the hospital just in time for Easter. His pinky is still in question. With all that happened, we are so lucky it's just a pinky. 

Now scroll down further if you aren't squeemish. They had been using leech therapy to try to get the blood flow working in his pinky. Still praying that it will survive. We love you, Max!!!


Jodie said...

Poor guy, hope he heals quickly.

kandy said...

Lots of prayers for Max! He sure was a trooper!

Rachael said...

Oh man!!! Poor kid! I didn't know they still used Leeches for medical reasons! Crazy!!!