Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prom for Goose and Summer

Talk about a dream come true for Summer. She got to go visit Goose for the tail end of our spring break and go to prom with him. 
It all started out with a date at Out of Africa. It just so happens to be one of Summer's favorite places on the planet. 
While they were there, I got to enjoy a delicious lunch with a few of my Arizona friends. That night, Jasmine planned a surprise bonfire for Summer at the Banks' house. It was really fun to see everyone (especially Leah). Summer has the pics from that night. 
Goose planned an outing to Flagstaff to go ice skating Saturday morning. Then, it was time to pamper this beauty.  
My mom had made this amazing dress!  Can you believe it!?!  She is so talented!!!
They looked so good together. Those are some very real smiles. :)
The Banks went all out and created 'Gustav's Bistro' for them (along with Ryan and Alyssa). Complete with stake, shrimp, twice baked potatoes, and more yumminess. 
I loved that all 4 of them matched. :)
Sydney was at Madi's the entire weekend. I didn't get to see her at all until church on Sunday. 
She got to hit up a school dance with her besties. 
Then, she caught up with some other friends at church on Sunday. 

It was a very successful trip with a lifetime of memories!!!

Here's a shot of the glam crew (Pam, Jasmine, and Maxine). Nice try, Goose. Get out of there!  ;)
Here's that pic of Leah and Sumner at the bonfire. Cutest girl ever!  We ALL miss her dearly!


Jodie said...

Looks like everyone had such a great time. Summer looks absolutely beautiful!

kandy said...

Wow what a weekend!!! Glad you came home after that!