Monday, March 31, 2014

Grandma and Grandad Visit

I am so lucky to have nearly perfect in-laws (although I could leave out the word nearly and be telling the truth).   ;)
My father-in-law was able come and give the girls their patriarchal blessings. 
We got to spend the whole weekend with them and it was wonderful. We headed to Dana Point to enjoy some El Torito. They were seated with a view of the harbor. 
It was the same harbor that Great-Grandpa Cliff had his sailboat docked. It was named the JENNETTE (after Aunt Jenny and Aunt Annette). 
We totally forgot to take pictures in their Sunday best, but Syd got one cute shot. 
It was beautiful weather with a slight breeze, so we whipped out the kites. 
Aren't they adorable!?!!? We are all so blessed!!!

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Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

That's awesome. I didn't know he was a patriarch