Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time Out for Women 2014

My Aunt Tammy and I have gone to Time Out for Women for 3 years now. My mom and Amy joined us 2 years ago in Billings for it, and Amy surprised us all with tickets to the one in Long Beach this year. 
It's not very often we are all together. I'm sad this picture turned out so dark. :(
What a fun bunch of ladies. My mom has the pictures that include Tammy. Sad I don't have those to post. 
John Bytheway has always been a favorite of mine to listen to with the youth. I was so excited to hear him in person. He did not disappoint!
In the LDS world, Hilary Weeks is the equivalent of Celine Dion. She does TOFW every year at different locations. This was my first time being at one of her locales. LOVED IT!
4 years ago, in Phoenix, the only food option open for Tammy and me was Hooters. It would have never been a choice we would have made, but it was a necessity. This year, it was the only restaurant with immediate seating for our 90 minute lunch break. Bec and Amy weren't thrilled about it, but they were good sports. 
We had terrible service, mediocre food, and great company. We will plan better next time, that's for sure.     

Thanks, ladies, for another wonderful, uplifting, and much needed girls weekend.  Love you all!!!

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Jodie said...

SO awesome to get to spend time with your sisters and mom even if it was at Hooters.