Thursday, February 6, 2014

Water Polo Happenings

We have had so much fun cheering Summer on during her water polo season. She only has one week left, then it's straight on to swim team. 
She has been one of the teams top scorers and her defensive skills are amazing!
After her 2 day tournament this past weekend, we enjoyed the park across the street from the school. 
They had 'yarn bombed' trees that were so cool. 
They even yarn bombed the bus stop. 
Summer loved feeding the geese. They had ducks, bunnies, roosters, turtles, and chickens, too. 
Maybe my tree hugging tendencies have rubbed off on them a little. ;)


kandy said...

Sure was fun watching that little fish! Water polo is crazy!

Jodie said...

Fun stuff, George used to play water polo.