Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scoop's new abode

One of the gifts my parents gave the kids was a Saturday with Master Carpenter Terry (my dad) to build a doghouse for Scoop. 
As you can tell by their outfits, they picked a warm winters day. 
Pops pulled out all of his awesome power tools. 
Safety lessons were given, and they were off. 
The shape quickly came together. 
They even spiced it up with siding. 
Ty got a tool box for Christmas and was so proud to be using his own hammer!
Pops put some extra trim around it for the finishing touches. The kids still want to add a mailbox or dog bone sign. We will see how long it will take them to follow thru. We love it, pops!  Thank you!!!  What great one-on-one (or three) time. 


Adventures in the Warr Zone said...


Jodie said...

How does Scoop like his new house? We bought a dog house once and the dog would not go in it!

kandy said...

Super job Stewarts and Pops! What a fun day!