Sunday, February 9, 2014

Random shots

Here's a bunch of silly shots that have no home. :)
Sydney's first stake dance happened to be the big New Years Dance. It was a 60's biker theme and they had a blast. 
Ty got to go pier fishing with his friend Ruslan from school. 
Here he is heading in the door at church for scouts. This friend, Owen, is his same age. Notice the size difference. My son is a giant!!!
Last week, we braved the crowds for Yogurtlands free yogurt day. Well worth the wait!
Ty is really strong. He loves picking his sisters up. Summer is double his age right now and he can man-handle her like it's nobody's business!!!
This is something I needed to document. Sydney is obsessed with the show Psych. We have been watching it from the beginning on NETFLIX and Syd has let it take over her life. It's a good thing we all enjoy it or else it would drive us crazy! ;)

Thanks for letting me do a post about nothing. Haha. 


Rachael said...

We love PSYCH too but I heard USA is cancelling it...not sure if its just run its course or if another network will pick it up! Good family show!

kandy said...

Love all the random shots...thanks