Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Never a dull moment. :)

There's a single man in my parents neighborhood that pays Summer to dog sit. She walks him 3 times a day and makes good money. 
What you don't realize is: Summer starts her day at 6:30am with seminary, then school, then water polo till 5:30pm...with no breaks. That leaves ME to walk the dog twice a day. Libby and Lexi are my helpers and we have fun. Summer does the final walk of the day. This morning, after I dropped Libby off at preschool, Lexi and I took Cody on a nice, long walk. We stopped by my moms house afterward to return the keys and I decided to use the restroom really quickly. I was in there for all of 3 minutes, mind you. When I came out, I didn't see my niece Lexi anywhere. I decided to check upstairs. Sure enough, she had made her way upstairs and shut AND LOCKED the guest bedroom door. All I could hear was a little , "Help. Help ". She wasn't worried, just a sweet voice realizing she couldn't open the door. The biggest problem was that the door had a real lock on it. Not a typical bedroom door. I immediately called my mom and asked where the key was. She informed me there wasn't one. With her approval, I did what any aunt would do:
I kicked in the door. So, in less than 5 minutes Lexi made her way upstairs, locked herself in, and sat in the rocking chair (which I asked her to do so she wouldn't get hurt) as her aunt kicked the door in, then quietly repeated, "Sawwwryyy" over and over while I giggled about the circumstance. Silly, energetic (all while having a fever) girl!!!


Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

ha ha ha ha ha, that door needed to be replaced anyway

Jodie said...

Looks like an exciting afternoon

Becky Macbeth said...

Thanks for rescuing my little damsel in distress! If only she wasn't the one the always CAUSES the distress! ;) Arg...gotta love her though!

kandy said...

Sure love that little bugger!!