Tuesday, July 17, 2012


First off, I hope you can see what
is going through the arch at the
same time as us.  ELK!
How's that for timing!?!
Wyoming treated us well.
All of the geysers were breathtaking.
This one was my favorite.  It looked
like someone put tile around
the edges like a swimming pool.  :)
The colors were amazing!
Madi was our photographer
while Old Faithful was going off!
We went off some trails while driving
and found some bubbling spots.
Too bad Ty fell through the
floor and burnt his foot in
the boiling water.
Stay on trails, people!
Montana treats us pretty well, too.  :)
A quick stop-off at
Yellowstone Lake.
Another along the Yellowstone River.
This was our spot we picked
to sit and watch Old Faithful.
It was a pretty great day!!!


kandy said...

Wow that looks fabulous and not too hot. Poor Ty and his foot!

Becky Macbeth said...

We can't wait to come up there and explore all of that vast wild frontier! We love and miss you guys!