Sunday, July 15, 2012

South Dakota fun

When we decided to hit up
Mount Rushmore while Madi was
here visiting from Arizona,
I also found a hotel attached
to an indoor water park.
Hello!?!  Of course we went!  :)
We took the underwater camera
and attempted to take a few
shots while flying down
the water slides.
Harder than you think.
We climbed those stairs a million
times between the two
days and all have buff
legs now to prove it.
I wish!
This slide was our favorite.
The toilet bowl!
I think Madi had fun
during her week stay here.
I sure hope so!
Here's one final shot of the
toilet bowl.  Summer and Ty were
on that ride every time I
turned around.  Ty went with me
on it once and I ended up submerged
at the bottom with Ty landing on my neck.
Fun, but painful.  He decided Summer
was more fun.  Whatever!  ;)


kandy said...

Looks like fun but too bad it is inside!

Becky Macbeth said...

Mt rushmore? Looks like we know what the Stewarts really enjoy!