Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Fun

 We had a small Super Bowl party at our
house this year.  The Wassmers joined us
and a great time was had by all.  Does Jason
look comfy?  I think he only moved twice the
whole game and that was to refill his plate. :)
 As tradition dictates, my kids love
painting their faces for the game.  Summer
was rooting for the Patriots, even though 
the number 80 on her forehead was for 
the Giants player that made an incredible
play.  She loves the number 8, so 80 was
pretty cool in her book. 
 For the most-part, we stuck with football
themed facepaint, but Aubrey looked
pretty cute with her butterfly and flower
Sydney painted for her.
 Ty just went crazy.  You give that kid
paint, and he creates 'masterpieces'.
We had individual fruit pizzas for dessert
and here he is showing off his.
 Dallen and Sydney had the most
fun with the facepaint and the 
game 'Spot It' that my sister gave
us for Christmas. 
Even the parents got in on the act.  
Kyle and Jeanelle were good sports.
Can you tell they let their kids do
the honors?  :0)  Before I sign off,
I'll give you the rundown on our menu:

*Cafe Rio Sweet Pork (Homemade since our 
Cafe Rio doesn't open till next month)
*All the fixings to make the burritos/salads
*Artichoke Dip
*Seven-Layer Dip
*Veggies and Chips with Ranch
*Little Smokies
*Buffalo Style Hot Wings
*Fruit Pizzas (our 'healthy' choice)

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kandy said...

Wow what a fun party! I am so jealous of the food!