Thursday, January 26, 2012

My little artists

 When we got home from the
museum on Saturday, out came the 
paints and everybody got busy.
 Everyone had ideas about how to 
make theirs original and amazing.
 Summer did a 3-in-1 painting.
After it was completed, she cut
them apart and ended up with 
3 masterpieces.  :)
 Sydney wouldn't let us look at
her work in progress.  She 
created a 3D Modern Art piece
that is truly amazing.  She now
has it proudly displayed in her room.
 Ty was a big fan of landscape pieces at
the museum, especially snow scenes.
I was thrilled to see he attempted one
of his own.  He used silver paint for the
snow and I think it added a special touch.
Summer's hummingbird was pretty cool.
I think she had fun, and that's what
it was all about!  :0) 
In case you were wondering:
Yes, I did paint my own masterpiece,
but I didn't want you to ignore theirs
since mine was so good.  HaHa
It was so bad, I can't even show it!  :)


Angela said...

Awww :) THESE are fantastic! I like that they got inspired at the museum and spent the day painting away. Have I ever told you I think you are a really great Mom? There are not many parents that are hands on with their kids anymore. You are always taking yours places, playing games with them, and getting creative with them. I LOVE IT!

kandy said...

Way to go! You guys are great artists and what a fun thing to do after an excursion!

amy said...

Wow, what artists! I'm glad that Ty loves the snow enough still to make that part of his picture!Girls, I'm so impressed with yours!