Saturday, January 21, 2012

Excursion Time!

 When I was growing up, my mom
would plan what she called 'Our Monthly
Excursion'.  We would pack a lunch, load 
up the car, and head to some exciting 
destination.  Zoos, Museums, Gardens...
you name it. Well, I like to copy my mother,
so we often head out on Excursions ourselves.
Today we hit up the YAM (Yellowstone Art
Museum) here in Billings.

 We got the silliness out of our system before
we entered the museum.  They have a HUGE 
cat sculpture out front that pooped out the
cutest boy ever.  Like I said, we were silly.
 Once inside, we carefully inspected each
piece to find our favorite.  We really liked this
one.  What's it called when they paint inside the
glass on the frame?  The red and white were
'relief painted' on the inside of the glass and
they stood out from the blue guy behind them.
It was titled, "Nerds" and boy, are we ever! :)
 It was a great way to get out of the
cold and admire other peoples talents.
Now, if I could only work on some of
my photography one of these days, I would
love to have a few hanging there.  They had
one photograph that was printed onto a piece
of copper.  It was beautiful and I'm going
to start investigating how to do that.
We loved this sculpture.  It won 
first place in our competition.
  Libby...can you see what's up top?
Make your elephant noise.  :0)  Bye for now.


Angela said...

Cute photos as always :) It looks like you and the kids are adjusting to the cold really well.

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

What a fun place

kandy said...

Way to go explore. Do the kiddos feel cultured now?

The Gordon Bunch said...

So fun! We try to do something like this during the summer. It is called Field Trip Friday. Wanna know what our favorite field trip place was last summer?? The Stewart's pool!!!

Guess what? Just got called to be Asst. Camp Director. Didn't get it right last year!