Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let us take you on an adventure!

The city is flat as can be, but our airport is high above us on the rim you can see in this picture.

Billings may be the largest city in the
state of Montana, but it can be a 
quiet retreat for many.  New fallen
snow leaves parks deserted.
This park is at the end of our little street.
 There's nothing like it when
you can leave the only tracks 
on a field of pure white.
 Ty felt like king of the world!
 Snow angels ruled on MLK Day!
 Check out that air!  Too bad he
landed in rock hard frozen sand
in the sandbox.  Summer dared
him to do it, not realizing he could
have broken both legs.
Not my tough guy.  He has bones 
of steel ***KNOCK ON WOOD***!
Nothing but more snow to come this whole
week.  We'll be trying to stay warm.


Angela said...

BRRRRR! Quite a change from Arizona, huh? How do you like it?

Kelly said...

good luck with the warmth!

kandy said...

What a beautiful (if very cold) day!

kandy said...

Hey where is Scoop?