Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zipline & Babysitting???

 Jason, Mark, Amy, Becky, Libby, Brad, my mom, my dad, & Corry & Meredith
Our first day on the ship, my sister Amy
met this cute girl named Meredith.
Turns out her and her husband live
near Amy in Utah and we all hit it
off.  We ended up stalking them and
doing 2 of their shore excursions with them.
We felt as though they were part of our
family, and I'm sure they were annoyed
with us, just like REAL Family!  :0)
Welcome to the family Meredith & Corry Cloward!
Everyone will agree that the Zipline Tour in
Belize was one of the favorite excursions...
except Libby.  I'll explain.
While the rest of the gang went on the
zipline, I volunteered to watch Libby.
 Amy and Mark
Libby and I walked over to where they
would zip over our heads and we could 
take pictures.  Great idea, right?!?
 Becky, Libby, and Brad
Well, I was holding Libby in one hand
while snapping pictures with my huge
camera in the other.  The noise of the
zipline made Libby stiffen up.  It was
a loud, strange noise.
 My mom, Kandy
No big deal.  A little noise never hurt 
anyone.  We were getting some good
pictures of everyone except Amy who 
was hidden behind her harness.
 My mom and dad, Terry 
(their 1st time on a zipline)
Jason came zooming past like Tarzan
and I thought we were home free.
Jason (aka Tarzan)
 Then Becky came whizzing by.  In
true Foster fashion, she was yipping and
shouting the whole way.  Libby recognized
the voice and thought something was terribly
wrong.  She became hysterical!
Becky having fun (see the smile, Libby)
Libby was upset!  They went on to zipline for 
45 minutes and I ran the other way with 
Libby.  I didn't want Becky & Brad to worry 
about her, so I took the traumatized baby away.
She was so shaken by it, we had snot bubbles
and all!  Poor girl didn't recover until she saw
her mom safe and sound 45 minutes later.
I think Libby has forgiven me.  After all,
I did get some really good Libby kisses 
a few days later.  :0)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One lucky baby girl!

 We may claim that this trip was in
honor of Becky turning 30, but in reality,
it was a chance to spend time with Libby.  :)
 That girl was the life of the party!
Just look at that smile.  She was like
that all the time (other than the one time
I babysat).  I'll explain that one on another
post.  All in all, I think she still loves me.
 Being away from my kids for 8 days was
hard, but Libby helped soften the blow.
 Everywhere we went, people would swarm
around her.  If we had done a Disney Cruise,
she would have blended in with the crowd, but
not on a Carnival Cruise.  She was a rare find 
and people seriously went out of their way
to talk to her and make her smile.
Spoiled?  Yep, and that's the way we
Foster girls like it.  :0)  Welcome to the
family, Libby.  You fit right in!

Monday, March 28, 2011

From the beginning...The Caribbean!

 We headed out to Miami to board our
cruise ship in honor of Becky's 30th 
birthday.  Husbands were invited this time
and I think they realized we really know 
how to party!  :0)
 My mom and dad really know how to 
spoil us and we know how to enjoy it!
 We all arrived a day early into Miami to
enjoy the sights, then we were off to board
the ship.  Miami was beautiful.
Mark was the only one that didn't pay the 
ridiculous $57 for the all you can drink
soda card...although I think Brad and
Jason definitely got their money's worth.
Then we were off.
*Cozumel, Mexico
*Belize City, Belize
*Roatan, Honduras
*Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
I can't wait to go through my photos and post more.
Thanks to my in-laws, my kids were safe and VERY
well fed.  We are glad to be home 
and back together again!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

No party today, sorry!

Ty went to bed on Thursday night (the night
before his birthday) with a temperature on 102.8.
Not a good way to start your big day!
I started making the dreaded phone
calls and canceled his party.  :0(
Postponed, I should say!
He spent the afternoon of his birthday
 at his Dr.s office.  He is getting to know
that place a little too well!  We still let him
have the pizza we had planned on for lunch.
Our kids always get to pick where to go out
to eat on their birthday.  Luckily our sicky had
asked for his daddy to BBQ hamburgers for
his dinner.  All in all, he had a great day full
of awesome presents and lots of attention.
 Summer and I had baked a cake to make
bowling ball cupcake balls with.  Since we
weren't going to the bowling party, I stuck that
cake in the freezer and I let him pick out an ice
cream cake while we waited for his prescription
to be filled.  Ice cream would be soothing on
his Strep infested throat.  Well, that was if it
wasn't shoved in his face by his sister.  :0)
With that blue tongue, I guess there is
 proof that some actually made it
into his mouth.  Yum, yum!
Funny thing:  I asked the lady to write
'Ty You're 6!" on his cake and she
wrote 'your 6'.  We scraped that part off. :)
That is one very cute 6 year old,
and one very tired looking dad.
Jason & I are heading out
to meet up with my family for a
7 day Western Caribbean Cruise.
See you in 8 days!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Presents on St. Patrick's Day!

 While wearing our green, Summer
presented everyone with the
gifts she bought for them in NY.
 Ty got a fire breathing dragon, an awesome
horse in full armor, and a magical egg.
We'll post about the egg another day.
Sydney got some freeze dried mint chocolate
chip ice cream (which is what I bought on my
8th grade trip to DC back in the day).  :0)
She also got a snowglobe...
read 2 posts down.  :0(
Hopefully Aunt Becky already left for the
cruise because this is a gift for Libby.
So cute!  Summer had a great time
and we reaped the rewards.  :0)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New York City Fun!

 I'm happy to report that Summer
returned safe and sound this
morning...very early this morning. 
 The only thing I asked her for were
good pictures of HER in NYC.
This was my favorite.  She wasn't a
very big fan of asking others to take
her we got a lot of these: 
 It's cute, but the Statue of Liberty
lost a head, torso, and arms in the process.
 She loved Times Square.  She went there
3 of the nights, one of which they were filming
a New Years Eve commercial and there were
extras everywhere, a mock version of the ball
drop, and camera crews.  She thought that
was pretty cool!  Spiderman was there on a
different night.  She searched high and low for
The Naked Cowboy, but he was nowhere to
be seen.  Bummer!  Next time for sure.
 Strawberry Fields in Central Park was
one thing she enjoyed.  I was sad to see
how dead the grass and trees were.  We
went in  October and everything was still
so green and beautiful.  She was a little
disappointed that Central Park wasn't as
green and beautiful as I had described it to be.
 She really got around.  They hit a lot of the
hot spots, including:
Ellis Island
Statue of Liberty
Times Square
Toys R Us with the giant ferris wheel
Mamma Mia
The Met
Museum of Natural History
Empire State Building
Grand Central Station
9/11 Memorial
...and much more!
It was a tour provided by
Smithsonian Student Travel and they
got around on foot and via subway.
Here she is with McKenna on the
subway.  Only 9 kids from her school
got to go and it was an awesome trip.
I'm sure she will gladly tell you all
you want to know about it.  :0)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now that's just too far!

This snowglobe is similar to the one she described.
Summer texted me a few minutes ago to
tell me that the snow globe she bought for
Sydney (who has a collection) was
taken away by airport security.  I find
that a bit ridiculous!  I happen to know
that she searched all over NYC for a
cute snowglobe for Syd...and used her own
money to buy it.  She was really disappointed,
but luckily she bought Syd a few other things.
I cannot wait until she gets home.  We have missed
her terribly, but I am so glad she had the
opportunity!  Too bad the airport had to
ruin a little piece of that.  :0(

Monday, March 14, 2011

While Summer's away, Ty and Syd will play!

Summer is enjoying Central Park
in New York City today!
Rather than sitting around
and feeling sorry for ourselves
this entire week, we decided to
drive 6 miles from home and enjoy
the old copper mining town of
Jerome, Arizona.  This sign Sydney
is standing by says the mine closed
in 1914.  It is quite the ghost town.
They have rigged up an awesome 
metal dragon that breathes fire and 
spits out black smoke.
Ty lost interest in that pretty quickly
because there were more important 
things to do.  ANIMALS!
We found the Easter Bunny!
In the hen house, we heard some
little chirps.  Ty was the first one to
spot this little baby chick.
Sydney felt like she looks in this picture.
Her allergies have kicked in BIG TIME
and I'm surprised the hives haven't
appeared yet this year.
Ty heard coffin and he immediately
stuck out his tongue.  I begged for him to put
it away, but he refused.  Pretty cute anyway.
As always, our favorite part is feeding
Pedro Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales. He
is the cutest donkey ever.  They even
have him trained to ring his bell when
he wants you to feed him more.  My kids
would have fed him a truckload full.  
His little whiskery chin tickles your hand 
when he's slurping up the food.
It was a fun day (even if Summer
was in the Concrete Jungle).

Saturday, March 12, 2011

She's off!

It's official!  We watched her drive
away on her way to the airport.
Our baby girl is headed to 
The Big Apple!
New York City will never be the 
same.  She is so excited and I know
she will enjoy every second of it.
Summer (and Jason & I) have been truly
blessed by our friends and family that have
donated their hard earned money to give
her this opportunity.  Of the $1600+ that
she needed to raise, we are only $345
short.  I know she will make up the difference
when she returns.  Thank you everyone!
You know who you are!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cupcake Cones!

Deja Vu.  Don't you love it
when you stand in the kitchen 
working on a recipe and you 
can just picture your mother
in her kitchen making that exact 
same thing.  My mom made these 
for me as a little kid and now I get 
to make them for my kids.  Ty
got to bring his Cupcake Cones
to school to celebrate his birthday...
a week early!
 As he is pointing out, he
 has one of those birthdays
that will most likely fall on
Spring Break every year.  Bummer?
Maybe, but it allows for a week
worth of celebrating!  :0)
The first time I helped in his
classroom, I attempted to follow
him out to recess.  He quickly approached
me and asked, "Can you go back to the 
classroom?"  No please, just meanness!
Needless to say, I was heartbroken.
 I guess he has finally discovered that his
mom is, in fact, one pretty cool lady. 
Now I get to see his skills.
Thanks for the change of heart,
birthday boy (well, next week anyway).

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, my!

Have you discovered this salad
 at Wendy's yet?
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad
It is my absolute favorite!  You
can order a half salad for $3.99 and
it is only 340 calories fully loaded!
Sadly, we don't have a Wendy's
here, so I have to plan my trips
accordingly.  :0)  It's
worth every bite!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bundle up. It's game time!

Thank goodness I didn't unload my trunk
yesterday.  We headed to Camp Verde
for Summer's first soccer game and 
it was cold!  Luckily, Ty had a 
hoodie in the trunk.
He was Daddy's personal heater.
Syd selfishly enjoyed the warmth
of the car quilt my mom made us
for Christmas this year.  That
thing has been really handy so far!
Who cares if it's cold when your daughter
is the rock star on the field!
 That girl was fierce!  She was throwing
her body into the other team, kicking
magnificently with her left (as always) and
her right, and just plain tough!!!
She has her mojo back!
Watch out world...
Summer Stewart is here!
They won 4-0 and that is because the
defense SHUT THEM DOWN!  Way
to go Summer!  On a side note, notice
her drawstring hanging out the leg of her
shorts?  I thought it was pretty funny.
I doubt she would laugh about it though.