Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zipline & Babysitting???

 Jason, Mark, Amy, Becky, Libby, Brad, my mom, my dad, & Corry & Meredith
Our first day on the ship, my sister Amy
met this cute girl named Meredith.
Turns out her and her husband live
near Amy in Utah and we all hit it
off.  We ended up stalking them and
doing 2 of their shore excursions with them.
We felt as though they were part of our
family, and I'm sure they were annoyed
with us, just like REAL Family!  :0)
Welcome to the family Meredith & Corry Cloward!
Everyone will agree that the Zipline Tour in
Belize was one of the favorite excursions...
except Libby.  I'll explain.
While the rest of the gang went on the
zipline, I volunteered to watch Libby.
 Amy and Mark
Libby and I walked over to where they
would zip over our heads and we could 
take pictures.  Great idea, right?!?
 Becky, Libby, and Brad
Well, I was holding Libby in one hand
while snapping pictures with my huge
camera in the other.  The noise of the
zipline made Libby stiffen up.  It was
a loud, strange noise.
 My mom, Kandy
No big deal.  A little noise never hurt 
anyone.  We were getting some good
pictures of everyone except Amy who 
was hidden behind her harness.
 My mom and dad, Terry 
(their 1st time on a zipline)
Jason came zooming past like Tarzan
and I thought we were home free.
Jason (aka Tarzan)
 Then Becky came whizzing by.  In
true Foster fashion, she was yipping and
shouting the whole way.  Libby recognized
the voice and thought something was terribly
wrong.  She became hysterical!
Becky having fun (see the smile, Libby)
Libby was upset!  They went on to zipline for 
45 minutes and I ran the other way with 
Libby.  I didn't want Becky & Brad to worry 
about her, so I took the traumatized baby away.
She was so shaken by it, we had snot bubbles
and all!  Poor girl didn't recover until she saw
her mom safe and sound 45 minutes later.
I think Libby has forgiven me.  After all,
I did get some really good Libby kisses 
a few days later.  :0)


We Blog Artists said...

Oh...snot bubbles and're a great Aunty!
Looks like a WHOLE bunch of fun has been had!!!

HUGS and thanks for passing by.

kandy said...

Those are horrible pictures of could have left them out! Thanks for being such a great aunt (and daughter)!

jorgegr said...

Were you too scared to sipline?

Jen said...

@jodie- No, I wasn't afraid. All of us have done a zipline before except for my parents. I wanted them to have the experience and I have been to Belize before. I just wanted Bec & Brad to enjoy it.

Becky Macbeth said...

Thanks for being babysitter-extraordinaire! You are amazing! We had a great time and I'm sorry Libby was so traumatized. She LOVES her aunt Jen (and always will)!

Callie said...

way to be a great aunt!!! sounds like you guys had so much fun!

Rachael said...

I have always wanted to do a zip line! How fun!!!!
Poor Libby!!!

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