Monday, March 14, 2011

While Summer's away, Ty and Syd will play!

Summer is enjoying Central Park
in New York City today!
Rather than sitting around
and feeling sorry for ourselves
this entire week, we decided to
drive 6 miles from home and enjoy
the old copper mining town of
Jerome, Arizona.  This sign Sydney
is standing by says the mine closed
in 1914.  It is quite the ghost town.
They have rigged up an awesome 
metal dragon that breathes fire and 
spits out black smoke.
Ty lost interest in that pretty quickly
because there were more important 
things to do.  ANIMALS!
We found the Easter Bunny!
In the hen house, we heard some
little chirps.  Ty was the first one to
spot this little baby chick.
Sydney felt like she looks in this picture.
Her allergies have kicked in BIG TIME
and I'm surprised the hives haven't
appeared yet this year.
Ty heard coffin and he immediately
stuck out his tongue.  I begged for him to put
it away, but he refused.  Pretty cute anyway.
As always, our favorite part is feeding
Pedro Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales. He
is the cutest donkey ever.  They even
have him trained to ring his bell when
he wants you to feed him more.  My kids
would have fed him a truckload full.  
His little whiskery chin tickles your hand 
when he's slurping up the food.
It was a fun day (even if Summer
was in the Concrete Jungle).


kandy said...

Looks like you had a good time and your weather is probably much warmer than Summers! I had to work!!!!

amy said...

I'm glad you are out doing and not just thinking of Summer's fun! We are happy for her and know what it's like to be left at home!