Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where were you at 3am?

Ty and I spent a couple hours in the ER.
You know it's early when you get to watch
the sun rise on the drive home.
Ty awoke at 2:30 with severe jaw pain
and his face was really swollen.  I haven't
liked his reactions to the medicine and Jason
and I both feared that he was having another
allergic reaction (this is the boy that is
allergic to Benadryl...weird, right). 
We talked to the triage nurse at our
pediatricians office and she said to get him to
the hospital.  Of course by the time we arrived
his symptoms were subsiding and his blood
oxygen level read 98% which is awesome!
The ER doctor believes that the 4 week long
cough & vomit we experienced last time was
bronchitis.  He recommended only using the
inhaler if Ty can't stop his coughing fits.
Again, mothers intuition tells me that the
asthma wasn't the right diagnoses (but I am
not a doctor).  This doctor did find an ear
infection that may have been the main cause
for the jaw pain.  He couldn't emphasis enough
the importance of the trip to a Pulmonary
Specialist either.  Too bad they can't get us
in until April!  We're on a cancellation list, too.
Next stop is our Pediatrician on Monday.
Let's get this boy's blood oxygen figured out!


Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

I know being allergic to benedryl is crazy, but I am allergic to it too. It makes me short of breath & anxious.

kandy said...

Man, I hate it when my Ty is sick and when my little girl, Jen, Is so worried! He is in our prayers and will get all better soon!