Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cruel...but wonderful world!

 I may sing the praises of Southern California...
since it is my idea of paradise.  One thing it
doesn't have is this.  Beautiful snow!
 There is nothing better than waking up
and looking out the window to find
the world covered in a blanket of
brilliant white snow.  Heavenly!
 My only question to you is,
"Why does it always have to snow
on a Sunday?"  My kids are forced
to get dressed in their Sunday best (when
they would much prefer snow clothes) and
go sit for hours while the sun melts all
of the snow.  Cruel world!  :0)
Luckily, when we returned home from Stake
Conference there was still snow all over
Jason's car.  A wonderful snowball fight
ensued.  So much so that I was drenched
all the way through my clothes.  I love
the snow...but I still prefer the beach!
Ty looks pretty good for someone that
was in the hospital 28 hours before. :0)


Rachael said...

What beautiful pictures! Someone said it was suppose to rain and possibly show this weekend in Vegas...a tiny bit of rain and no snow. I am okay with that! I am not a fan of the white! Although-I hate the brown Vegas has to offer even more!

We Blog Artists said...

OMG...what a nightmare you guys have been through....He really does look great for someone who went through all that! SCARY!!!
You guys are fabulous parents and I can imagine very calm in a situation like this.
BIG HUGS and hopefully a complete recovery for Ty.

Jen said...

Thanks, Char. He is one big, tough kid! I know he will be just fine. Thank you!

jorgegr said...

I love when we wake up to a white morning (except this week they cancelled school twice and the snow all melted by 10 am)

Della said...

A fresh snow is lovely to look upon, although I hope to never see it again!

I hope Ty is doing well. You have sure had a scary week going back and forth to the E.R!

Take care, my thoughts are with you, and your family.

kandy said...

Wow, the snow was beautiful but it must not have been too cold judging by what the kids had on!

Becky Macbeth said...

so gorgeous! I'm jealous!