Monday, February 28, 2011

Snake around the neck? Yep!

My daughter loves her pet snake.  
Normally I don't have a problem with
him since he stays in his cage in her room
24/7.  Yesterday she took it too far! 
 Who in their right mind wraps
a snake around their neck?
Would you ever?  I
know I wouldn't!
Especially since his
name is Venom!


Rachael said...

EWWWWWW! Nasty!!!!

kandy said...

Summer, do you not want me ever snuggle and kiss you again?!!! Maybe that was your motive in the first place! Gross!!!!!

Amanda said...

Oh, wow! That is crazy! She doesn't look too concerned about it, though! :) Cute pics!

Angela said...

Scary!! I would be too freaked out to even sleep in the house with a snake, let alone wrap it around my neck :) You have a brave one!

Della said...

I'm not a snake fan. My brother had one about 20 years ago, and I never touched it! What a cool little chick your daughter is!!!

jorgegr said...

No snakes for me!

Brette said...

Eeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This gives me the creeps!! I cannot believe she likes snakes! They freak me out, Never ever evaaaa would I own one of those things. You guys are all brave!