Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blaine C. Warr

My Grandpa Blaine (on the far left in his
Army uniform) was an awesome grandpa.
He would always make us feel like we
were one in a million.  I'm so glad that we got
to spend so much quality time with him near 
the end of his life. I like to think that he
closed out his life rather well, other than
losing his wife that was suffering from 
Alzheimer's.  Funny story-  At this age in the
photo, Grandpa entered the Army to find out
that his middle name wasn't Clyde like he
thought, but C.  Just C.  He was suprised and
I think my Great Grandma wasn't very creative
in the naming field.  :)  One story that has
always saddened me is the fact that his
father (my Great-Grandfather) committed
suicide.  I never did discuss it with him
because I knew it must have been very
painful for him to re-live.  Through it all,
he was an amazing person...not perfect,
but pretty darn amazing.  Love you Grandpa!
Mom, Can you identify the other
people in this picture for me?
By the way...I adore all of the
comments you guys leave on
my blog.  I read every single one 
and appreciate them all.  Thanks!


jorgegr said...

Neat picture, thanks for sharing.

Rachael said...

My friend has gone through her whole life thinking her middle name was Jane (because that is what her mom told her). Come to find out a few years ago...she doesn't have a middle name. Her mom always meant to go down to wherever and add it but never did. Funny huh?

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

I woke up last night thinking about him and visioned myself sitting on the yard talking to him. I just want to go visit them. I think the soldier in the middle is Max his brother.

kandy said...

Great post about Grandpa. Nice try Tam, but those were just some soldiers he spend Christmas with in Chicago I think. He was very homesick as this was literally his first time off the farm! Sure do miss him and mom.

Jen said...

Awe, Tammy! That is so sweet. Please don't be in a hurry to go visit them. I need you here at least as long as I'm alive. Deal???

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

I meant at their old house Jen. You can't get rid of me yet.

amy said...

Everyone gets a bit sappy on blogs! I love reading yours Jen! What is up with vagabond?